3rd Day

Plenary Session
3 key learning points:
1. 3D printing is constructing physical models directly from a Computer-Aided (CAD) data
2. One advantage of 3D printing is that the prototypes can be made faster and less expensively
3. Printing an organ or even a building could be possible in the future

How do you feel about the SST-NTU Flagship programme? 
As I was in Project 2 - Identification of bacteria from trays of canteen, I have learnt more about bacteria and food-borne diseases. This project allowed me to see bacteria in a different light, like how they can adapt to their environment so easily, and that not all bacteria are harmful. For food-borne diseases, I was surprised to learn that they can occur in advanced countries too. This taught me not to take the healthcare services in Singapore for granted and to appreciate the government's efforts to keep Singapore a clean city to live in. Thus, we should not just rely on the government or educators to help keep us safe. We, too, should do our part to stay hygienic for the safety of ourselves and the people around us. 

Overall, I think this programme made me go through a very unique and valuable experience that only some people will have. It also deepened my understanding of bacteria and made me look at things in a different perspective. 

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