2nd Day

What did you do today? 
Firstly, we were given a lecture on emerging food-borne pathogens and antibiotic resistance. The professor also told us about the requirements for bacterial growth and how the different agar plates we used in our experiment (EMB, MAC, MSA, PEA/PAA) contained certain nutrients to differentiate the various bacteria. Based on our observations, we concluded that:
The 4 agar plates that we applied bacteria on
Then, we studied our test tubes in which we put the different samples from around NTU that we collected on the first day. 

Bacteria spotted in the different samples 

We also watched a video about the proper use of a microscope. We were given 3 bacteria samples, namely E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus (SA), Bacillus subtilis (B. subtilis) and yeast. We were tasked to observe them under a microscope and draw them out. 

Yeast under a microscope

 Finally, we were given some time to complete our presentation slides and present it to the class.

What did you learn today? 
I learnt about food-borne diseases, that they can affect anyone, cause pain and even death, cause economic losses, and happen in advanced countries. I also learnt about the requirements for bacteria growth. (temperature, pH, osmotic pressure, oxygen and nutrients)

How do you feel about today's activities? 
I felt that today's activities taught me a lot of things, like how bacteria can develop resistance to an antibiotic if a sick person does not complete the antibiotic treatment. I can apply this knowledge by always completing antibiotic treatment if I fall sick.

What new questions do you have regarding the discipline? 
Will anything be affected if no bacteria can live in human bodies?

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